Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday Open House

If any of you went to the "What Women Want" Expo, or "Santa's Workshop", then you might have seen this booth.....

Anyway I remember when I was little I loved it.......So I got Tryston the transportation book for Christmas! You can go here to check out their website, and see all the stuff they have! I think it will be really good for Church, quiet time, story time, and Family Home Evening??? So I am having a party......This Saturday an open house from 12 - 2 at my house. Email me at cariellett@gmail if you need directions! Bring a friend, or your mom (great gifts from grandparents)! See ya there!!!


Anonymous said...

Ellett Family
So you don't know me, my name is Donna Stettler and I signed up to received the free photo book from snap fish. Well I received my book in the mail yesterday and the front cover was perfect...but inside was all the pictures of the Disneyland 2006 trip of the ellett family. WEIRD I know. Anyway I was checking to see if you received the wrong pictures too. I believe this is the same ellett family.


Bobbi Simkins said...

yeah the past 3 years have been a little rough on my mom :) we definitely need to get together. things are pretty crazy with the holidays, but maybe after things settle down.