Monday, March 23, 2009


Last month my mom, Trey and I went to California to visit Bryce. (He is at Camp Pendleton finishing his infantry training) It was kind of a quick trip, but it was a lot of fun to spend time with Bryce and enjoy some nice weather!! Saturday we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm. It was sort of busy because they had a special going on with the tickets, but that didn't stop me and Bryce from standing in line to go on the roller coasters!!! (Love, love, love 'em!!!)

Can you believe how crazy Trey's hair is?????? It is everywhere!! Almost every single person we saw stopped to touch it, it's so fluffy! It is actually his 9 month birthday in this pic......I love how happy and smiley he always is!!!!

Sunday we went to church on base, it was kinda was in an old church house that has been there for forever, but it was fast Sunday, so it was cool to be able to listen to all the boys bear their testimony's!! Surprisingly there were actually about 30 people there, Bryce said that there are usually only about 10.......

He had to check in around 5, so I took a couple pics of him in front of the "machine" that he will be out! Oh yeah, did you notice his glasses???? Every Marine that wears glasses or contacts has to wear them.....on the weekends you can put your contacts back in, but Bryce has been getting infections from his. So he wore the awesome glasses all weekend :)

Anyway, I had a lot of fun spending time with Brycie, I miss him so much!! And it was nice to be just me and my mom too!! (I could always use a good girls trip!)


Alesha said...

So fun for all of you. I totally agree, Trey is adorable in every picture, totally smiling! Bryce looks great and I do like the glasses, very stylish.

abbie said...

So fun! i wish i got to go to cali! ps i like the glasses so buddy holly!

beth said...

Fun trip, I'll bet Tryston had a ball with daddy. I can't believe Bryce is that old. Trey is so dang cute!!!!!!XOXOXOX