Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Happy Birthday!!!!!!

This is a shout out to one of my Bestest Friends in the Whole World!!!!!!
Happy 26th Birthday Shanel!!!
Love ya!


Shanel said...

Thanks Cari...where did you find all of those pictures? I want them!

Emily said...

Oh the pictures I could have added, if only the scanner was working. We could start a blog just for Shanel's changing hair, It always looks great. Love you Shanelly, hope it was a great one, but remember you joined the rest of us getting closer to the big 3-0,we better make the most of the next few years. :)

Alesha said...

-The numerous spunky, sassy, fun hair do's you always have.
-Look at those lips... who wouldn't want lips like yours!
-Absolute gorgeous smile... reflects your friendly, outgoing personality!
You are what we all call our Best Friend!!! Love you lots!

patrick&carly said...

Happy Birthday Shanel! I love being your friend! You are an amazing woman! Those pics brought back a lot of memories! Thanks for posting them Cari! Love you girls!

Alesha said...

O.K. Cari I have posted 3 comments and your have not approved any of them, what is up?