Thursday, January 31, 2008


So Emily and I decided to drive out to the Fair Grounds yesterday to see if the Circus was inside or outside.........It was inside so we decided to go. When we got to the ticket tent it was $16 for adults and $12 for kids (outrageous!)......I would have never paid that price, but we had free tickets for the kids and buy one get one free for the adults!!!! I think the kids enjoyed the performing, but they loved the big slide!! I'm glad we went (I loved the elephants), but I don't think I will ever go again!!!!!
p.s. if you go at intermission you don't have to pay anything!!!!

This is Tryston and Carter going down the big slide!


Emily said...

So glad you had your camera!!! It was quite the outting, Thanks for the adventure. :)

Shanel said...

I wish I would have gone...but I just couldn't get myself to go out in the cold. Looks fun & dirty! j/k

patrick & carly said...

You guys are hilarious!